Toppan Partners with Digital Startup to Create Human Avatar Dataset


Two vendors announce they will create a copyright-free AI-generated photo-realistic human figure data set that is unrelated to real people.

The companies are 121-year-old print and communications firm Toppan and digital startup 3dig, which would create a related content generation platform for the project in 2022.

They would primarily sell to businesses that need to put human faces in their marcomm documents, including internal marcomm departments and marketing and advertising companies. The pair, perhaps optimistically, are also hoping to attract government business.

Toppan and 3dig plan to create the dataset from high-resolution biometric scans at Toppan’s Virtual Human Lab. The analyzes will be performed on the light stage at the University of Southern California.

The collected data will form 3dig’s anma artificial intelligence systems, which will create virtual humans.

The goal is to free companies from tangled image rights that can create complex and sometimes costly headaches when human models need to be compensated.

Digital fictitious human faces were used, of course, but the quality was lacking, distracting attention from a company’s message. Toppan, in essence, wants deepfake abilities that leap into the weird valley.

Japan-based Toppan sees the move as the start of the digital model agency business model.

The company started talking about this project a year ago, before partnering with 3dig.

Additionally, a year ago, Toppan bought Taiwanese financial technology company iDGate.

As of this fall, its iDGate facial biometric verification algorithm ranked in the top 20 in the world for quality, according to tests by facial recognition providers from the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

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