US airports are getting new high-tech scanners that will speed up security lines


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TSA will deploy new computed tomography systems to scan carry-on bags starting this summer

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transportation security administration (TSA) announced last Friday that the agency recently acquired new full-size computed tomography (CT) systems to analyze carry-on baggage. The new scanners will be installed at TSA checkpoints at airports across the United States in the summer of 2022.

The US government agency has awarded a $781.2 million contract to Analog Corporation, an American company specializing in health and safety technologies, for the state-of-the-art equipment and maintenance of the new high-tech scanners. The company will deliver and deploy the powerful equipment, designed with a futuristic aesthetic, in the coming months.

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“These awards are another important step in improving aviation security,” TSA Administrator David Pekoske said and added, “They provide our dedicated frontline officers with one of the best tools available to screen passengers’ carry-on baggage and also improve the passenger experience by allowing passengers to keep more items in their carry-on baggage during the screening process.

Security personnel check bag through detector screen at airport.

According to the information shared, the new powerful CT systems will help to speed up wait times. Great news for travelers to the US, as covid restrictions and new security measures implemented during the pandemic have slowed down the TSA process.

About the new powerful scanners

During this year’s summer season, travelers to the United States will be able to see the new technology at TSA checkpoints. The advanced computer tomography system can detect weapons, explosives and other travel prohibited items.

people collecting their luggage at the airport.

The new scanners include sophisticated algorithms that recreate 3D images of recognized items inside carry-on baggage. They will allow TSA agents to view, rotate and analyze images on three axes. This way, authorities can identify dangerous objects. This is why passengers will not have to take many items out of their luggage.

The recently engaged technology is similar to that used to scan checked baggage, in an innovative size, easier to deploy at checkpoints and with an optimized algorithm. Full-size CT scanners include control lanes with surrender stations, automated bin return, and high threat containment. The agency expects to receive 469 basic systems and 469 full-size systems soon.

Person packing bags including face mask

In August 2021, TSA has already invested $198 million in equipment and service from Analogic Corporation for 300 medium-sized Checkpoint Property Control Systems (CPSS), with the same technology to improve security in a contactless environment. These are already installed in US airports.

US citizens traveling in the coming weeks may see the new modern spacecraft-like scanners at TSA checkpoints.

Recent TSA Measures on the Travel Experience

On April 18, the TSA will lift the mask mandate at airports and passengers will be able to travel without face coverings. The term has been extended, but many remain optimistic about the new date. American Airlines even considered the same date to sell alcohol on flights again, citing mask-wearing as one of the reasons some passengers were breaking the rules.

The new scanners will speed up the regular TSA security screening process at airports. However, US citizens and permanent residents can already expedite this process by signing up and paying for TSA Precheck, a membership that offers benefits to US travelers.

With a TSA Precheck enrollment, travelers don’t have to remove their shoes, belts, or light jackets, they’ll enjoy an expedited screening process, and they’re also allowed to leave laptops and approved liquids in carry-on baggage. Passengers registered for TSA Precheck should keep in mind that the TSA recently warned travelers that unruly passengers could lose this privilege.

TSA has also recently expanded to international destinations. The agency opened a location in the Bahamas at Lynden Pindling International Airport in Nassau. American travelers from the Bahamas to the United States can use their TSA PreCheck membership to avoid long lines and get home faster.

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