US Biometric Kiosks Move from Airports to GSA Accreditation


As US Customs and Border Protection moves more “contactless, receiptless” travel kiosks into airports, the Government Services Administration wants to help with biometric identity verification.

Speaking on the Federal Drive Podcast with Tom Temin, GSA Director Darlene Gore, said his agency wants federal workers to be able to use remote kiosks to confirm identities and even issue credentials.

Most of the process would be done by an employee in front of a screen on the kiosk.

When the vendors came to sell this idea to the GSA, “they really, like, have a person behind the scenes validating the documentation.” Behind the scenes like in a call center.

“You always have to do that validation,” she says.

Among the plethora of tasks the GSA is tasked with performing is issuing personal identity verification cards for employees at 120 agencies, according to Gore, who is director of identity management, corporate information. identification and access.

Like so many changes in life, this ambition was born out of the response to Covid. Removing the need for a person to facilitate in-person accreditation means more than just reducing a possibility of the virus spreading. It also responds to pressure from lawmakers and employees to decentralize the workplace.

The process will not be any easier for the employee. All the documents needed now should be introduced or scanned into the kiosk, Gore explains.

“You have to take your picture, validate your driver’s license, you need two pieces of ID,” she says. The kiosk would take facial and fingerprint biometrics when scanning documents.

Gore says she will consider the options at an upcoming so-called industry day when vendors bring in their wares.

Meanwhile, border protection this week said that he upgraded the Global Entry kiosks at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. The agency did not specify how many kiosks were brought to the airport.

Global Entry is a government-created subscription program through which international travelers can be screened for security before departing for the airport. (There is a similar, but much less comprehensive program called Biometric Exit.)

Improvements include eliminating the need to give travelers at the airport paper receipts at biometric kiosks.

Last month, the Border Protection Agency said the same systems had been installed at Bush Intercontinental and Dallas/Fort Worth International airports in Texas.

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