US immigration officials want everyone on the same page ahead of signing $500m biometrics deal


The US government wants to hear from people about a virtual conference it plans to hold to talk about an upcoming $500 million biometric services contract.

The Citizenship and Immigration Services agency is seeking comments and questions on the half-billion-dollar proposal by September 21. online meeting On September 28, government officials will review the concerns of potential bidders.

This is an ongoing process Immigration Services contract today, with 130 Application Support Center offices in the United States and US Territories. It is part of the effort to support biometrics and ID card capture and program management.

The current contract is held by amentum.

The offices collect biometric information — fingerprints and faces from photos — of people applying for immigration benefits.

The information is used in a variety of identity documents, including permanent resident cards, employment authorization documents, re-entry documents and naturalization certificates.

The main tasks of the new contract include managing the collection of biometric data from 6 applicants per hour on each scanner, scanning identity documents and “expanding the biometric modalities” used by USCIS.

Dignari just announced a $29 million contract for digital identity and access management with federal agencies, including USCIS.

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