USB Biometric Fingerprint Readers at Amazon India


Once a feature in high-tech stories and movies, fingerprint scanners are an integral part of our lives today. A wide range of services and offerings from various sources require that your fingerprint be scanned. While most smartphones and many laptops today come with fingerprint scanning capabilities, these services require the use of a dedicated fingerprint scanner connected to your system. In addition, there are many new models that offer great specifications and features for your use. Here are a few models available on Amazon that you can count on.

Time Office Startek FM220U Fingerprint Scanner

Convenient USB connectivity makes it easy to use the TIME Office fingerprint scanner with your laptops and computers. The Plug and Play functionality makes it easy to get started. The model’s scanning capabilities aim to read stained, scarred, stained, and stained fingers without error. This is fed by its 500 dpi scanner for highly detailed images. It promises high speed digitization, keeping waiting times low. With a lightweight 120g design, the scanner is easy to move anywhere you need it. The white exterior is aesthetically appealing and its ABS material makes it durable.

Yukonics Startek FM220U Biometric Fingerprint Scanner

The all-white exterior of the Yukonics Startek FM220U makes it an aesthetic authentication device. The long USB cable allows you to operate the device remotely from the connected system. This allows you to maintain the separation of authenticated persons. In addition, the wire itself is reinforced at both ends to prevent wear over time. The model promises fast scanning and undistorted image quality. It also aims to accurately scan stained, scarred, stained and stained fingers.

REALTIME Plastic Startek FM220U

With fast and distortion-free scanning, the real-time fingerprint scanner ensures that your biometric scans are accurate and instant. Moreover, it is able to accurately scan fingers without a clear fingerprint, in case they get smudged, have scars, marks, etc. Its reinforced wiring design makes it durable for long term use. The same long wire allows you to keep it connected to a remote system, helping you operate it without needing to get close. Its white exterior makes it a remarkable and attractive option for your offices and businesses.

Mantra MFS100 v54

The Mantra MFS100 v54’s USB 2.0 plug and play functionality makes it easy to use on any new setup when needed. Its scanner promises great precision with a 500 DPI optical fingerprint sensor. In addition, the surface of the scanner is designed to be scratch resistant, which makes it very durable against repeated use. Its small footprint of 14mm by 16mm allows you to use it in a small space. With an operating temperature range of 0 to 50 degrees Celsius, the Mantra MFS100 can also be safely used for outdoor authentication needs.


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