Van Wezel boosts security with contactless scanners



The Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall improves security protocol with the installation of new contactless scanners from Evolv Technology. Evolv Technology is a leader in security screening and has secured some of the world’s most iconic sites and businesses. Evolv Technology’s mission is to provide a better experience and greater security for customers. Sarasota city commissioners approved spending on scanners to be installed in December. The expenses were paid with grants received by the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall. The Evolv system is contactless and uses powerful sensor technology with artificial intelligence. The technology allows customers to cross without having to remove items from their pockets or bags. Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall Executive Director Mary Bensel believes the increased security will give our guests peace of mind. “I think it’s necessary these days that we try to do everything we can to make it a safe environment for everyone,” Bensel said. The handheld scanners have been installed in the entrances to the main hall and on the bay side of the hall.


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