Welsh mobile fingerprint sensor start-up secures manufacturing partner –



Systematic will manufacture the readout integrated circuit (ROIC) for the first commercial product of Touch Biometrix. Touch is a Welsh fingerprint sensor start-up that was founded in 2018 and plans to release its first sensor in November 2021.

The integrated circuit was designed in-house at Touch and is optimized for use in the company’s upcoming line of ultra-thin capacitive fingerprint sensors. However, Touch is a developer of factory-less technology and therefore needed a production partner to produce the integrated circuits themselves.

This is where SystematIC will come in. The company will supply the integrated circuits and Touch will deploy them in a large area FAP60 module alongside 3D image sensors with a resolution of 500 pixels per inch. The module will be part of Touch’s TCAP (Transistor CAPacitance) portfolio, which combines thin-film transistors with glass or plastic to create modules with a thinner form factor and lower cost than competing devices.

The SystematIC partnership will advance Touch’s broader go-to-market strategy beyond the release of the initial FAP60 module. Touch is already working on a built-in sensor that would allow people to use any part of the screen to scan a fingerprint. The full screen system is designed for smartphones and is intended to replace the more localized ultrasonic and optical options that require users to place their finger on a specific part of the device.

“We are delighted to have been selected by Touch Biometrix to deliver their first bespoke ROIC based on the intellectual property they have developed over the past 2 years,” said Richard Visee, CEO of SystematIC. “The sensor technology is truly unique and we expect it to dominate the biometric fingerprint market for years to come.”

Touch noted that the market for the FAP60 is relatively small, but that there is a strong niche demand that will allow the company to use the module as a springboard for the rest of its portfolio. The company brought in £ 2million (US $ 2.6million) in venture capital funding in April 2019.

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