Withings Body Scan pending FDA approval includes detection bar, body fat distribution, water percentage, and more.


Health goes beyond weight. With Withing’s new Body Scan device, you can now measure your body fat distribution, water percentage and much more!

Withings Body Scan unveiled at CES 2022

According to TechRadar’s story, Withings unveiled a new Body Scan device at the recent CES 2022 that measures more than just weight. The Withings Body Scan is a scale that uses a series of sensors built into the platform as well as a special attached bar located on the top edge of the scale.

According to the publication, the device is not yet approved in the United States and is still awaiting approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The Body Scan measures things like “segmented body composition” as well as sweat gland activity, as The Verge also reported.

Body Scan sends a “safe” electric sensor

Body Scan sends a “safe” electrical sensor to the user’s hands or pad under the feet so it can almost instantly read things like impedance. This measurement allows the device to tell users a lot about what is going on with their body.

Withings also notes that it can also learn things like water percentage, fat mass distribution, and muscle imbalance. This is why similar health measurement systems remain very popular, especially with sports professionals.

Detect heart rhythms and more

Measuring the sweat glands in the feet allows the device to track the activity of small nerves, which then gives users a sudomotor reading. Additionally, all sensors offer some form of traditional biometric data that includes heart rate, 6-lead ECG recordings to help detect arrhythmia, and measurement of vascular age.

Withings notes that Body Scan’s algorithms can also detect heart rhythms associated with atrial fibrillation. It also has a 3.2-inch color screen that shows users their results as well as a Withings app on iOS or Android that provides more information.

FDA clearance pending

As noted, the Withings Body Scan is still awaiting FDA clearance, but the company already plans to begin shipping in the second half of 2022. As of press time, however, pricing has yet to be decided. .

Devices capable of measuring all different types of health parameters are not really unusual. TechRadar notes that they’re seeing a lot of different new wearables that can read everything from stress levels to heart rate.

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Other Withings Body Scan features

The scale, however, also puts other measurements in the hands of users. These measurements include those of the different parts of the body such as arms, legs and torso. To add, the level of detail the Withings Body Scan potentially tracks is also unprecedented, according to the post.

The article notes that it will be interesting to see how the Withings Body Scan passes the FDA approval process. It will also be interesting to see how it stacks up against the other new health products coming out of CES 2022.

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